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To serve the educational needs of the community by providing a positive learning environment that challenges all participants to realize their full potential as members of a diverse society

Every 15 Minutes...

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Every 15 Minutes
Students at Melcher-Dallas Jr. Sr. High participated in an innovative program, Every 15 Minutes. The program is designed to instill the potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol, among all teenagers. Every 15 Minutes refers to the fac... Continue
Posted by: Susan Hildreth
Published: 4/24/14

Order your 2014 M-D Yearbook
The 2014 Melcher-Dallas Yearbook can be ordered online via the Jostens Web site or by contacting Susan Hildreth, Yearbook advisor, at the M-D High School. This year's book includes everyone from preschool - 12th grade. Yearbooks are $40. The d... Continue
Posted by: Susan Hildreth
Published: 4/15/14




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